Need Help? Have a Question?

Contact us at: or call 1-202-438-9199.

Please read this section carefully! 90% of issues can be worked out right here on this page, with no email or wait required. I want to get your problem fixed for you as quickly as possible, so please check out the FAQ page below, and if your question still isn’t resolved here, then feel free to post a comment on the module page or contact me directly using the support desk or phone number above.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We sure do!  Contact me to apply, but be sure to tell us who you are.  We don’t apply affiliates we don’t know to prevent fraud.

We pay out 50% of any sales you refer.

Why can’t I get access to a product I paid for?

After you made your purchase, you received multiple e-mails. Find the one with the subject “Thank You for your purchase!” from “Phil Guye”. All you need to do is read that email and click the link to access the members area. Then you can log-in with your username/password to gain full access to everything you purchased.


I never received my registration link(s)?

The moment my system receives payment, the email associated with your purchase receives the product registration link. Please check the following list before e-mailing us requesting a missing registration link.

  • After your purchase, you may have received 2 emails. One was from JVZoo with your membership details and the other one is from “Phil Guye”. The JVZoo account credentials will NOT log you into the members’ area. You need the details from the email from “Phil Guye”.
  • Please make sure the email address you provided at the time of purchase was indeed your primary email. Many people use work addresses, a spouse’s address, or even a secondary email for their purchase. The email address you provide will be the email to receive the registration link.
  • Please make sure the email you provide at the time of purchase was not misspelled in any way.
  • Please make sure your transaction has not been declined by your credit or debit card.
  • Please make sure your PayPal account has sufficient funds before completing your purchase.
  • Please check your JUNK or SPAM folder.


My videos are choppy and won’t load correctly!

Please refresh your page and view the video again. A slow connection between our server and your computer can usually be fixed by simply refreshing the page.


My download links aren’t working!

A download link issue can usually be resolved with one of the following:

  • Try disabling your browser’s popup blocker as it could be blocking the download. Please try to “Right Click > Save As”.
  • Try temporarily disabling your system’s anti spyware or virus protection as it could have mistaken our files for viruses.
  • Try another browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox. Sometimes a particular browser will cause download issues for whatever reason.